Business Babe: Jen Smith on Taking The Freedom Leap

Today we’re talking all about taking that LEAP into FREEDOM!

Yes! And chatting to Jen about her passion was SUCH good fun and a real honour…

Jen joined me to walk me through what taking a leap is all about, how doing so can transform our lives and the biggest lessons she has learned from taking two leaps of her own. This interview got me so fired up to do something BRAVE and daring this year and I hope it does the same for you!


Jen Smith set up The Freedom Leap to help women quit the rat race, start living life on their terms and build a business they love. Having lacked a support network and advice that resonated with her when she took her own leap back in 2013, she wanted to create a space that was fun, feminine and inspirational – where letting off steam, boss-hating and dreaming big is not only ok but actively encouraged! Jen coaches women through the leap – rebuilding self-confidence and clearing the blocks that are holding them back and helping them taking action towards their dreams. If you’re thinking of quitting your job and want to access Jen’s free 5-part audio course and join her secret club of freedom leapers, click here:


5 Steps to Freedom audio series – guidance and support through your BIG leap.

Matrix Reimprinting – I recommend Jo Sweeney to tell you more!

Personality Test – Both Jen and I are ENFP, what are you?

A Return to Love – Book by Marianne Williamson

Conversations with God – Book by Neale Donald Walsch

Thank you so much to our wonderful guest Jen for sharing so much amazing advice and her very own story to freedom! If you are planning on taking a leap don’t hesitate to get in contact with Jen as she is the best person to support you through this time of growth.

Thank you so much for watching and see you again next month!

With love,


Photo credit: Michelle Wildman

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The Only Article You Need To Read To Kickstart Your 2015

2015, the whirlwind year.

I’m writing this on the plane back from Copenhagen, it’s the fifth day of the New Year and I’ve been wining and dining myself in Denmark, seeing in 2015 in style. It’s been great but it hasn’t been as spiritual as I’d hoped.

I feel off kilter, not having sat with myself and made the decisions of what I want to achieve yet. I feel as if I haven’t made the most of the first few days of this year. But this is a silly pressure to put on myself, and if you’re doing the same then this is the only blog post you need to read about kick starting your 2015.

I implore you to AVOID all articles about ‘getting back in shape’ (what is ‘in shape’ anyways?!) Remove all talk of ‘new year, new you’ bollocks from your reality and concentrate on how you want to feel right NOW.

Here’s the concept that I’ve wanted to talk about for sometime. It kept coming up time and time again with my clients. It’s a crazy concept when you first hear it but I’ll explain.

Here it is: there is no past, there is no future, there is only NOW.

Okay, hear me out.

Either you are feeling super psyched for 2015: THIS is the year that our business will take off, THIS is the year that your life changes for the better. 2014 was a yawnfest/shitstorm/{enter description of choice here}…

You feel nervous, scared; 2015 hasn’t gotten off to a great start. You wonder whether that long list of goals will be met or if you’ll replay that old story of not hitting your targets and looking like a lemon. Maybe you haven’t even written the list because if you write it down then the pressure is on!

Either way we have anxiety written all over both of these reactions. And anxiety won’t manifest you a year full of abundance, joy, freedom and fun. No, anxiety of the past recurring, or the future being naff, will only serve you up a large dose of more anxiety and the things which you are worrying about the most!

So what’s this concept I’m talking about? How can there be no future, no past?! What is history, if not the past?

The past is a collective conscious thought that everyone on Earth holds. It’s a collection of memories or learning that knit together into one global history. Some of it is written in books, some of it passed down in stories from generation to generation and most of it completely forgotten.

Your memory of 2014 is just that: a memory, an emotion. It isn’t something you are experiencing fully, it isn’t something that you can touch, taste smell or manipulate. The only way you can manipulate the past is by changing your perspective of it or your emotions around it.

And same goes for the future. Yes, you have more control over that, you can do things NOW in order to lead you towards your desired future (and I thoroughly recommend that – no sitting on your arse this year!). But you cannot predict it or manipulate it in the way that we all hope to, to make it perfect.

Constantly worrying about the future will not manifest the one that you have written down on that intentions list. You have to let go of the outcome, trust that all will work out.

‘Everything will be okay in the end, if it’s not okay, it’s not the end’ – John Lennon

So if there is no future and no past, what should we be concentrating on?

I for one, don’t completely ignore my past or my future. I love a good reminisce with friends:
‘Do you remember the time…?’
And I absolutely LOVE weaving the magic of the future, coming up with crazy plans and then seeing if I can achieve them. And 2015 will be no exception once I get around to writing my intentions down.

But the key here is to enjoy these things but remain grounded, pull ourselves back into the present, enjoy every nuance of the now, make it fun!
If you’re not having fun in your NOW then you won’t be having fun in your past or your future.

All we have is NOW. So let’s make the most of it!
Right now, today, how do you want to experience the world. How do you want to feel about yourself, your life, the people around you?

What feels good?
Write it down!
Do it. NOW!

And keep doing it, go with the motions, enjoy life how you want to. If you want a full English for breakfast one day, have one. If you want yoghurt and granola another day, eat it!
Simple choices that make your everyday fun, interesting, wonderful.

And then the trick is to bring that magic into your future. To align to it fully, understand the why behind the wants.

If you’d love to discover this in more depth then I can help, I’m a master of waving my magic wand and giving you clarity as to your why.

It’s all well and good chipping away at your dreams, but wouldn’t you rather it be easy? Wouldn’t you rather live in your now with ease and joy?

And KNOW, from a place deep within that it’s BOUND to fall into place. The whole list of intentions is sure to be yours if your truly need and desire it.

Well I can give you the gift of KNOWING. The clarity that will serve up that impossible dream is only a click away. Join me.

Practise your anti-routine of NOW. Enjoy the pleasure that the human experience has to offer and explore every whim that pops into your head. Bubble bath? Horse ride? Cut the grass? Sit on a swing? Read that book?

Make time for yourself NOW! And watch your life and business flourish.

Enjoy your NOW, enjoy your whirlwind year!
Love Fifi

How To Be Creative, In The Most Unlikely Of Ways…

Hi gorgeous one!

Oh, I am pulling you in with that title, but really, it’s not what you think. Even if you are a creative person I want to flip the conventional idea of what that is on it’s head, which is great news for non-creatives!

Well, I say non-creatives, but really there is no such thing! Listen up and I’ll tell you why.

In my work I come across many, many women who are trying to create a life and business that they love, that works for and around them and that gives them a sense of purpose in the world. It’s a real honour, I absolooodeley love working with them!

And I find that these women fall into three categories when it comes to the idea of creativity.

Number 1: The ‘I-Don’t-Knower’s’

The ‘I-Don’t-Knower’s’ revert to this turn of phrase to deflect the question, to move away from the truth that they DO know, but what they know scares the bejeezus outta them! So they’d rather pretend that they didn’t know, less responsibility that way…

 Number 2: The Dreamers Not Doers

These ladies are brilliant at conjuring up a vision, dreaming up the most amazing ideas for them and their lives, and they are also pretty good at not thinking they can have it. Much of their time will be spent on putting up blocks to protect themselves from these scary and out of the box notions.

Number 3: The ‘That-Looks-Great-But-Not-For-Me-er’s’

Oh, these ladies drive me nuts! Haha! Only because OF COURSE it’s for them! But instead the ‘I’m not worthy’ train of thought pops up and interferes with their ability to be big in the world.

And of course we all encompass all three of these traits at some point, we revert to these defence mechanisms to keep us in a place that stops us from creating, stops us from expanding, stops us from being more aware of ourselves.

And this isn’t for you or me any longer. Not with 2015 around the corner: our best year yet!

I’m happy to say that when working with a client I can help them to see these thought bubbles floating above their heads and pop them once and for all. We look inwards and decided that those thoughts are no longer serving them, no longer moving them towards their big vision. And we lay them to rest, making way for truthful and positive manifestation.

So which of the three do you think you fall into? (If none, then GREAT! If I-Don’t-Know then the first one 😉

And what has this got to do with creativity anyhow?

We’ll come back to those three groups of ladies in a moment. Now, we will look at YOUR creativity, how you are effecting the world everyday.

Oh, yes, everyday! And not just everyday but every hour, every minute, every second…

You are creating something at every moment that you are in existence.

Yes, yes, yes! You are THAT powerful! 

Creativity is a natural state, especially for women, we are the sex of creation. And we all know the old saying: Thoughts Become Things. 

And it’s not just some wishy washy positive thinking exercise that the personal development world wants you to buy into. It’s a real fact.

Science tells us that everything is made of the same thing. You, the chair you’re sat on, the floor underneath your feet, the scenery outside your window… It’s all made of matter. And matter is energy, all energy, but just vibrating on different frequencies.

Now, I don’t want to get into too much scientific mumbo-jumbo, and maybe you are aware of this concept already. So let me just make the actual point now…

Every thought, word, action or feeling that you experience, is becoming your reality.

So if you choose to use words like: no, won’t, can’t, shouldn’t, don’t; you are choosing to create the blocks like the business women above.

If you let your thoughts slide into: I’m not enough, I’m stupid, no one cares or listens, who do I think I am? Then you are actively creating these things in your world.

If you repeatedly take actions like: putting yourself last, not eating well, allowing yourself to wear badly fitted clothes, even holding your wee! Then you are unconsciously putting it out into the world that you don’t deserve to be treated well.

And soon that will reflect in your life: people will be rude to you or tell you that your work is a load of shit. You’ll start getting strangely bad luck wherever you go, your car will get hit, you’ll get a big bill in the post. And eventually all of this will amount to ill health, depression etc.

And the hardest thing to do at this point is to accept that you have created this reality yourself, so we choose to use phrases such as: life’s a bitch, the world hates me, why is it always me that these things happen to?! And again you are cementing the victimhood into your very being, your experience will reflect this.

It’s a slippery slope.

But the fucking fantastic news is, it works even better the other way round!

So, once you accept that everything that happens within your reality is a reflection of your own creativity you can CHOOSE to have a positive experience on earth and in this lifetime. And it really does become a fun game.

So your partner tells you that you really shouldn’t post that article because people will think XYZ about you if you are that honest… THAT is a reflection of a thought process you are having in your own subconscious and you can remove it. (There a many techniques but start by journalling about it).

You can choose to think, act and speak differently. You can choose to create in a way that serves you!

Again, I reiterate: THAT IS HOW POWERFUL YOU ARE!!!!!

Let’s go back to our three types of creation blockages and start with number one: I Don’t Know.

I ask my clients to really try to pick up on this wording when they can, to be really conscious of when it comes up and around what. What is it that they would rather not want to know?

And instead of using ‘I don’t know’ use, ‘how can I find out?’ ‘how can I know?’. Opening it up into a question really empowers you, helps you to identify a new pathway to follow, a new possibility and new options. It expands your reality rather than shutting out the future.

Number 2: The Dreamers not Doers. 

Most dreamers are already asking an opening question: How? How can I have that? But the feelings are where we need to be careful here. If you ask how in a despairing way, with anxiety, with a feeling of loss or lack. Then you are right back to the place of I Don’t Know. ‘I don’t know how I can have that’.

Instead you need to be in a place of hope, hope is a feeling of possibility, and you are a being of possibility. So when you ask, how can I have that? and come from hope, hope that you will find the answer, then you are WAY more likely to find that answer!

Number 3: Not For Me-er’s

When ever we have a longing, a desire or a pull towards something we should know that THAT is what we need to move towards. Be careful here, I’m not saying that addiction, or unhealthy relationships that you long for are the right thing to move towards. You need to have a keen sense of what is good for you in the long run, if your desire is driven by the feelings of excitement and joy then that is a big green light, GO FOR IT! But if your desires are driven by anxiety or fear of missing out then that is a big red light. Stop. Centre. Ask yourself: is this good for me? Am I honouring myself in this decision?

But with all three of these you have to always keep in mind that you are constantly in the creation process. You are all creatives, you don’t need a paint brush or pen to create art, your life IS art. You are a masterpiece and your life is the picture you are painting through your thoughts, feelings, actions and words.

So pay attention, pour the love into what you do, what you say and how you say it. Choose what works best for you, choose what honours yourself. Understand that you are in control of your destiny and your everyday choices add up to the bigger picture. The big masterpiece!

Go forth a create!

With love and light,

Fifi Scarlett


Business Babe: Cara Wilde on Connecting to Spirit

Wow! This interview did not disappoint!

Cara Wilde joins me in a discussion about the role of lightworkers in the world, how to connect to our spirit guides for alignment and intuitive guidance and her journey in this entrepreneurial world. During the interview Cara kindly agreed to channel the guides that she works with who call themselves Aurora. The information given was truly inspirational! If you’d like to know more than watch this episode below and prepare to be amazed! 🙂


Cara is an incredibly talented channel, intuitive, and energy worker. She works with lightworkers who want to experience more joy in their lives and supports people in both their professional and personal life by helping them connect to Source.
What’s a lightworker? Check that out here.


Cara will have lots of new projects appearing in our reality over the next year. If you are looking to learn how to channel or want to bring more of this into your lightworker work then get on her list!

Or if you run a business where you would like to make quicker and more inspired decisions then I would love for you to have a look at my latest offering, where I’m looking for beta testers. Are you one of them?!

Thank you so much Cara for joining me for this interview and for bringing through Aurora, nice touch 😉 I can see you doing such amazing things in this world and it makes my heart swell with pride to be able to connect with such women!

Keep your eye in this lady, guys!

I will see you all again next month with an other episode of goodness.

But for now, I’ll love ya and leave ya.

Love Fifi


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Two Rituals For More Magic In Your Life And Business

I’m all about bringing magic into your everyday life and your business. And the quickest way to do that can be summed up in one word.

I love woodworking and always choose the best tools (Best Router Tools, Wood level, Best circular saw, Best wood chisels)


Now I’m not talking about getting naked and sacrificing a lamb round a fire. And neither am I talking about the humdrum routine of everyday life. Routine and ritual are different. But you can inject ritual into your routine.

I tend to structure my rituals around the phases of the moon and on writing this I know that there is a Full Moon happening at the end of this week (Friday). The energy of the full moon is the perfect time to RELEASE.

Want to know what I get up to on a Full Moon? And no, I don’t get all hairy and terrorize the neighborhood.

My Full Moon Ritual

Find somewhere calm, quiet and for me: dark.

Take a special journal, some expensive paper; think sensuous, this ritual is about awakening every sense in your body.

Take two big breaths, each time pushing all of the negativity out of your body, imagine black smoke curling out of your mouth with each exhale, and disappearing into the atmosphere.

Put pen to paper and watch the ink blossom as you write out your heart. Anything that you need to let go of, anything that has been weighing you down, anyone you need to forgive, anything you have done that you no longer want to mist up your energy.

Write it, right now, at the moment. With all the emotion that is attached to it, FEEL it.

And then declare to yourself, to your divinity, to the universe that you want to release it.

Remember, this is about cleansing so the elements of water and fire are good tools for this.

Either way, you need to tear that page out of your journal with vigor.

Take that match, the bare flame of your candle and gently touch the paper to its heat.
Watch as all of your overwhelm, sadness, anxieties, and fears start to curl and burn and glow with freedom.

Take two more big breaths and thank your soul, your divine beings, the universe and the luminous Full Moon for allowing this release.

I love that ritual, it makes me feel such a connection with the energies of the planets and the wider universe. My New Moon ritual is just as beautiful, I see it as a time to set my intentions for the coming lunar month. And the intention is so important:

“The world makes way for those who know where they are going,” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Once you make that decision the Universe is on it, it will do its utmost to work with you to make it happen. And that is why the INTENTION of the New Moon is as sacred as the RELEASE of the Full Moon.

My New Moon Ritual

Settle down in your quite and safe space. Light your candles, arrange your crystals.

I relate this ritual to the essences of air and earth. Intentions are like planting a seed, a new thought stream to breathe from.

Take your two big breaths, this time concentrate on the energy filling you up as you breathe in. Imagine white light filling you up until you are glowing, bursting with the energy filling you up as you breathe in. Imagine white light filling you up until you are glowing, bursting with possibility.

Put your hand on your heart and speak to it, ‘Dear heart, what do you want? How can I honor you this month?’ honor you this month?’

Take your beautiful journal (I recommend a separate one for New Moon rituals) and write in heart-speak, create and weave the magical possibilities as you go. Let no ‘ifs, or ‘buts’ hinder your flow and step right out of the box of what you think you want and need for yourself.

What you may have written may make no sense, now it is your time to bring more clarity to it. Create a short list from your ‘heart-speak’, 3-5 concise intentions that fill you up with excitement.

Close your journal and thank your heart and soul, thank your spirit guides and the universe, and thank the New Moon for allowing you these things to enter your life.

There you go, two of my favorite rituals. I don’t do them every month, but it is a special thing to give yourself that space and time to think, decide, release and most of all to FEEL. We spend far too much time as business women being, well, being busy-ness women. Some of us are mothers, lovers, daughters as well as entrepreneurs, and ritual can be a great step towards more self-care, self-love, and self-awareness.

Give them a go, or share your rituals below, where and how you do it. How are you injecting magic into your life and business? Or come and join the conversation over in our brand new online community.

With love, always.

Business Babe: Kim Eibrink Jansen on Past Lives

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of talking for a whole hour about the topic of past lives, and how they might be effecting us as entrepreneurs in this life time. The lovely Kim, introduced us to the idea that occurrences from our past lives could have been brought through during our soul’s journey and may be causing the issues that we have now.

Are you ready to discover how to get rid of them once and for all?

Settle down with a brew and join us in this magical moment.


Kim Eibrink Jansen, otherwise known as, The Body Whisperer, is an EFT practitioner and a soul worker from Australia. She works with people all over the world, helping them to identify issues from past lives and clear them forever. Yes, seriously, forever!

Enjoy the interview and make the most of the resources below in helping you to remove your blocks.


Free EFT videos and a weekly love letter with more detailed information about past lives.

Kim’s 2015 Tapping Circle – email her directly to claim your spot! [email protected]

A special for next week only – PAST LIFE SESSIONS AT HALF PRICE!

Past Life Oracle Cards, by Doreen Virtue

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards, by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

Wow! I’m totally blown away by this woman. She’s a talented and beautiful soul and I’m so pleased that she joined me for this interview. I hoped you also got a lot from it and don’t miss out on the limited half price offer above. I’ll be booking in to clear the rest of my past life baggage and you should too if you want your soul to soar!

Keep tapping,

Fifi xo

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Mercury Retrograde at the Apple Store

The last few weeks I’ve visited the Apple store on three occasions. All because of the most beautifully curved and continuos crack from corner to corner of my iPad. And each visit has been particularly interesting for me.

As I sit at the Genius Bar, I contemplate the disgruntled Apple fans, all there for some unfortunate reason. I chat to various people who tell me that they got their fist mobile in 1993 and all the trials and tribulations of technology of that time. I see husbands and wives teaming up and going in for the kill on poor, stuttering geniuses. And I notice the lack of queuing techniques that are getting some queue-ees rather riled.

I sit there and smugly think to myself: oh Mercury Retrograde, you have got their knickers in a twist, haven’t you…

Now whether astrology is your thing or not you’re still going to get wet if you go outside in the rain without your coat on. I see the planets a bit like the weather, their energy effects us all, sat here on our little planet, and taking precautions to not get battered by their movements can help a lot, especially if you own a business.

I’m not sure if Apple are aware of such a phenomenon, but their employees are definitely feeling the hit.

What is Mercury Retrograde and how does it effect us?

The planet Mercury goes retrograde three times in a year, we are just coming out of the other side of the last one for 2014, it finishes on October the 25th. Phew! When a planet goes retrograde it is purely an illusion that from Earth looks as if the planet is moving in the opposite direction and for some reason when Mercury is doing this moonwalk type thing all sorts of things go awry.

It effects lots of things but the three main ones are:

And people are generally a bit odd at this time. Have you noticed over the last month clients acting strange? Maybe a contract you signed hasn’t gone to plan (Mercury Retrograde is notoriously a bad time to sign contracts)? Or for some reason all of your technology has been on the blink for the last few weeks?

I’ve heard of people missing flights, colleagues going crazy and websites deciding to give up the ghost. It can be a tricky time for entrepreneurs and companies that rely on all of the above areas to function and make a living.

My Genius, Shurla, was run off of her feet whenever she dealt with me, she was exceptionally good at dealing with three grumpy customers at a time. And Apple, if you’re reading this, give her a raise! (Watford Branch, UK 😉

The last visit I made we chatted about how busy it had been, she said that the last month had been incredibly hectic and her and her colleagues couldn’t work out why. I introduced her to the idea of Mercury Retrograde and I saw her eyes widen to the of size of saucers.
“That’s so interesting!” She said, “I’m looking up next years dates and booking it off!”

We laughed, but I couldn’t help wondering why Apple hadn’t picked up on this. Why not bring in some temporary staff at these times of year? Or even just warn their staff that this particular month might be busy? What about a ‘You survived Mercury Retrograde at the Apple Store’ mug or t-shirt as a little bonus?

It’s probably been the same at Virgin who work in travel, technology and communication, triple whammy there! Well, Mr Branson, if you were wondering about these anomalies of profit loss three random times a year, you now have your answer.

Enough about the big boys.

How are you going to prepare yourself for the next Mercury Retrograde? You don’t need to change your travel plans or become a hermit for its entirety but it’s good to be aware that things might not go to plan. Have a back up plan. Take some time to rejuvenate after a particularly tricky client. Don’t work yourself up to yelling at your computer when it doesn’t work. And know that it’ll all be over soon.

For Shurla and her team at the Apple store, these are the 2015 dates to be aware of:

Jan 21st – Feb 11th
May 18th – June 11th
Sept 17th – Oct 9th

And if you find yourself in the Apple Store during any of these dates, go easy on the team!

With love, as always,

Photo credit: Sweetie

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Weirdos Unite! A Lesson on Authenticity

Let’s talk authenticity.

Being your honest to god, true self isn’t as easy as it sounds. But today, I’m sucking up the fear and coming out of the closet.
You may have noticed that I’ve been away for a while. Well, considering the blog only launched a few months ago it may seem weird that I’m having a change of heart, or skipping out on posts. But that is because I AM weird, I’m my own freaky weird self and I have been too afraid to share that with you.
And because of that my heart hasn’t been in it.

How can you be madly passionate about something that is a constant battle? A battle against your own authenticity.
You can’t.

So I came to a fork in the road.
My choices were to grow a pair (of big, beautiful lady balls) and EMBRACE the fuck outta myself. Or, alternatively, skirt the issue for eternity. Stick to the shadows and never fulfil my sparkly purpose in this lifetime.

I’ve chosen to EMBRACE. And I’d like to start over, reintroduce myself properly and get into my groove.
So, here goes…

The thing is, I believe that entrepreneurialism is a lifestyle, a weighty commitment and a journey. Yep, cliche I know, but if you’re on it, you get what I mean. Right…?
What is life without a few cliches here and there, they make things a little more romantic and we all need more romance in our world, ladies!

The question I pose is: if we’re all on this journey together then how can we make it easier?

You might be right at the beginning of the winding road, hanging of a cliff midway, or possibly sticking your flag in at the peak. But one thing is for sure we all hit the same bumps and potholes along the way.

Authenticity is one of these. You cannot pass further along the road if you are not working in your zone of genius.

The answer to this question is different for everyone and that is why we form tribes, resonate with some and not others. But MY answer is: spirituality.

Faith in something bigger than me really keeps me going, knowing that something or someone has got my back makes it simpler.
I cannot lose or fail, not with the universe conspiring WITH me.

It’s a comfort, some might see it as a comfort blanket but, hey, they’re not my people.

There are so many tools out there that can help us in business, but I’m not talking about the physical tools and products you can utilise, I’m talking about energy, healing, intuition, connection to spirit, chakras, ancient knowledge and manifestation.

I’m talking woo-woo 😉

I’m woo-woo, I believe in reincarnation and that I have an octopus as a spirit animal. I’m a great big weirdo and I know that magic is real. I know that the movement of the planets can effect my day to day life and that when I pull a tarot card it really is teaching me something that I need to know.
These things are my truth, they’re in my thoughts daily.

And I know there are plenty of you out there too that feel like I have for a very long time, stifled, terrified, even in denial.

Synchronicity means you’re here, reading this article.
I needed to write it and you needed to read it, there’s a whole bunch of us who feel like our weirdo tendencies aren’t welcome in the ‘real’ world. But I say, “Fuck that!”
We have every right to be our authentic selves and have a safe space to talk about these things and how they relate to our businesses and lives.

Weirdos unite!

I want to make this whole biz thing easier for you, I implore you to give yourself permission to be yourself. And then we can use this wonderful world of magic to make it a fun filled road trip to satisfaction.

No regrets. Not even on our death beds.

So there will be some changes around here. This is my internet-home and I want to welcome all my crazy internet friends to be inspired and accepted whilst visiting me here. (The kitchen’s over there, help yourself).

The ethos is the same, I still stand for everything I’ve ever said within these pages, but now it’s everything and more. Everything with a large does of authenticity.

Fuck you fear!
Hello Fifi!

Love bombs for all!

Who is your authentic self that you’ve been hiding inside? What are you going to do to embrace her today? Share below and inspire someone today x

Photo Credit: Kurt Clark

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If Thailand Taught Me Anything it’s That I am Not a Pond

There are many places that we aspire to be in business: at the top, in flow, hanging out with other amazing influential entrepreneurs. We want to be the best, or making the most difference, or learning the most on our journey.

Or maybe we’d like to be in the comfort zone…

Okay, so we don’t quite aspire to be there, but sometimes we find ourselves there and we sorta shrug our heavily laden shoulders and say, ‘No one will notice.. will they? Nah, I’ll just enjoy this nice feeling whilst it lasts’.

Oh, yes.
Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about. You know where your comfort zone is and sometimes you just want to stay there, clinging onto it like the warmest, softest blanket you’ve ever wrapped yourself up in.

And it feels so good!
So safe, so relaxed, so… samey.

But this post is not about how lovely your business comfort zone is, it’s about how damaging it is and how to get out of it.

Yes, as easy as it is to float along with enough cash in the bank and a string of lacklustre clients, in a few years time you will feel the full weight of wasted time in the comfort zone. The business will dry up, everyone else will be 10 steps ahead and you’ll have to go and get yourself a J-O-B.

Imagine the horror!

No, the comfort zone is no place for a feisty gal like you. You’ve got ambition, guts and bucket loads of brilliant ideas that are just waiting for you to breathe life into them. Think of all those people who need to you to be breaking free of your comfort zone and creating your impact in the world, no matter how large or small.

The idea for this post and also a recognition that I’ve been sitting in my very own comfort zone for about a year, came from my trip to Thailand. As I write this I’m sitting directly under a half-hearted fan, looking out over a street full of coconut and pancake vendors each trying to engage wide eyed tourists in salesy conversation.

‘Hey Boss, where you from? Ah yeah, my cousin lives there…’ Yes, in parallel universe, matey! Pfft!

When I stepped off of the plane into the swarming hub of Bangkok I stepped straight out of my comfort zone. This being my first visit to South East Asia, it soon became a merry-go-round of rip off merchants and bad smells. Where was the beautiful, cultural Thailand I’d seen in the adverts?!

Since then I have found the beautiful cultural Thailand I was looking for, but this certainly took me right out of my comfort zone, far away from the Irish pubs on Khao San road and Spain-like beaches of Koh Samui. Into the deepest mountains surrounding Chiang Mai and across the burning hot sands of Koh Tao.

But with this idealistic Thailand came the realisation that I like my comfort zone very, very much indeed. Would I swap a tropical beach for some day time television? On occasion the answer would have been ‘Yes, Homes Under the Hammer where art thou?!’. In the depths of ‘missing home’ misery I have often wondered what my family were cooking for dinner that night, whilst staring at a rotating mush of unidentifiable meat, or gagging on the smell of Durian fruit which seems to penetrate every market you step foot in.

But do you know what, the majority of the time, being out of my comfort zone has taken me to places I would never have seen, met people that have opened my eyes to the vastness and beauty of our world and forced me to grow.

I’ve eaten the most random of foods, ridden a very angry elephant, slept on a farm with a hole for a toilet and a large bin full of water for a shower, gotten lost in the jungle (seriously, our tour guide just walked off with the group leaving myself and a german girl wandering around completely lost), I have haggled and complained – the most un-British thing you can do – I have spent far too much money on taxis, I have been in the most beautiful temples, I have ridden on sleeper trains and buses, I have complained about the heat and the air-conditioning, I have lost all sense of privacy in dorm rooms, I’ve cuddled baby monkeys and ladyboys (it’s not how it sounds…) And I’ve met people who do all this as if it’s their day job… Really cool people. People that are stretching themselves and growing everyday.

And that is the crux of it all.

If you ain’t growing then you’re stagnating. And who really wants to stagnate, like a green, filmy pond?

No one. Especially not you or I.

I certainly don’t want to end up green and slimy, with the occasional thirsty animal licking at my edges whilst grimacing at the taste. No, I want to be the ever flowing river, cutting my own path through the mountains, calm and controlled in some places and wild and free in others. I want animals and humans alike to quench their thirst on my sweet, fresh water and to frolic and play in my wake. And eventually I’ll join the great ocean, on my next adventure.

Nope, I’m not cut out to be a pond. Not even one with ducks. Cute ducks.

So, Thailand has been an eye opener, a growth spurt and a lot of fun, but mostly it’s been a big ole slap round the face.
Business isn’t about being in a groove, or making yourself look like your really busy or making a ton of cash. No, it’s about stretching, putting yourself in positions that make you want to hurl and poop yourself at the same time.

Nice analogy there… But it’s true. It’s the only way to move forward.

We are always going to be a beginner at something so we might as well embrace the first stages of learning a new skill. You know, the bit where you feel like a nervous, inadequate loser.

If your next goal is to get up on stage and speak to 100 people, whilst trying to convince them that you know what you’re talking about (which you totally do by the way), then it should make you want to hurl and shit yourself at the same.
That means that it’s a good goal, a goal that is going to take you forward in leaps and bounds.

If however the same situation makes you feel, well, indifferent, then you need to be choosing another goal. One that makes your insides scream, or your palms to get sweaty, or your best friend to tell you that your crazy (which you totally are by the way, welcome to the club!)

It’s time to free ourselves from the comfort zone, to ungracefully tear free from that warm blanket, maybe fall off the sofa in the process. You could even tie it around your neck and sport it as a cape, flapping behind you in reminder that you are NOT the pond, you are the fearless, ferocious river! (Wearing a cape…)

Today, cape wearer, I would like you to set goal. If anything that I have said above has struck a chord with you then I implore you to make sure you do this.
Even if it’s the only thing you do today. Yes – I give you explicit permission to loll around on your chaise longue for the rest of the day, vino in hand – it’s what I’ll be doing.

But before that you need to set a goal. Even if you did your ‘be, do, have’ list yesterday, I’ll bet it could be better. Scarier.
There’s one goal in you that you haven’t written down, because you don’t think you can achieve it. You shy away from it, heart doing a thousand cartwheels and legs like jelly. Nope, you don’t like that feeling, you don’t like being uncomfortable. You’d rather just write down: eat and toast whilst reading some more blog articles, for ‘inspiration’. Okay… so that’s what I would write!

No, this goal is better than that, it will propel you right outta your comfort zone into the stratosphere of excellence. It may make you feel sick, it may seem impossible, but you know that nothing is impossible, you’re an entrepreneur for Buddha’s sake!

Do this, now:

Look at your current goal.

Rate it 1-10, 1 being ‘yawn-o’clock’, 10 being ‘OMG – am I really doing this?!’

If it’s below 7 (7 being ‘EEEEK! Bit nervous!’) then you need to up the ante.

Or if you have a goal in your mind that is a 10 then write that down. I know you’ve been putting it off, but putting pen to paper isn’t signing your soul away to the devil.

If you panic at the thought of that goal, I say ‘Bravo!’, but now we’ve got to make it more plausible.

And the best way to do that is…

Baby steps.
Take your baby steps and before you even know it, the goal will be completed. You’ll no longer feel sweaty or nauseous when you think about it. You will be embracing that situation again and again, with ease.

You will finally be the river, forging your pathway to success.

You’ll utter to your adoring fans, ‘Fuck the comfort zone! I’m living on the edge!’

How rock ‘n’ roll can you get!?

For me, I too need to take this advice, stop being a scared little girl and embrace the kick arse entrepreneur that I was born to be. Lets grease up and get things moving ladies!

Out of my comfort zone and no longer the pond,

Intuition Verses Fear

Today I bring to you a guest post from Sile Walsh, Life Coach, Author and heart-centred entrepreneur.
She’s passionate about authentic, fulfilled living and believes deeply in the possibility that each and every one of us can thrive in life!

Fabulous Sile will be sharing her top tips for differentiating between that icky feeling of fear based decision making and what true intuition feels like.

Take it away, Sile!

As intuitive entrepreneurs we know the value of going within and listening. Hell, we live by it, create by it and are nourished by it! But what happens when we can’t tell the difference between fear & intuition…?

What happens when the fear within us quietens the intuitive wisdom?

I will tell you: you stop taking risks, you stop growing, you stop feeling safe, you stop feeling supported. Basically you stop thriving and switch into survival mode. Then you start feeling stuck, inferior and as if you are not enough.

If you feel like this, don’t worry, you are not alone. This usually happens just before a big breakthrough. When we are fear driven or stuck its because we are about to shift gears and we sense it, we know change is occurring and old wounds are triggered. We want to stay safe and change isn’t always safe… unless that is, it’s intuitively driven.

Fear or Intuition Ultimate Check-list

1) Get to the root
Intuition comes from a very secure place within us, a place of deep wisdom and trust. Fear on the other hand comes from, well, a fearful or scared aspect of ourselves.
Ask yourself, is your intuition feeding a buried fear? If so then it’s fear speaking and not your internal wisdom.

2) Feel into it
Intuition is not fearful, it’s not always logical and it defiantly doesn’t feel restricting. It feels empowering and freeing especially when compared to fear which is heavy, restricting and does not empowering you.

3) Double Check
When you are in the mode of receiving intuitive guidance, listening to your deeper wisdom. Once you have tuned in and received the guidance, take a moment and run it past the traffic light system.
Imagine a traffic light that will react to your decision with either a green, amber or red light. Green means ‘yes’ your decision is probably intuitive driven, red means ‘no’ you decision is probably based on fear, and orange means that you should proceed with caution or investigate further.

Once you have completed the check list you will have a lot more clarity with where you are at. If you are finding you’re in high fear mode use these techniques to shift it from fear to trust.

1) Investigate the fear
Sit with the fear have a conversation with it. Seriously, boil the kettle, make yourself a cuppa and get close to it. Discover what’s driving it and where it comes from. Give it time to be heard and acknowledged it.
Don’t push it away or deny it because it will only have to become bigger to be heard. Now, tell it you are going to support it, but first it needs to trust you and stop trying to lead the way. You are so capable!

2) Build up the trust energy
Look around you and list all the things that are right in your business and life. What you focus on will grow. Focus on HOW RIGHT you have got it all!!! Allow yourself to aknowledge how your amazing inner-wisdom has been so helpful all these years. Bask in that knowing.
Understand things won’t always look how you want them to but they will always be leading you to bigger and better things, especially if you are willing to trust your intuition.

3) Start believing in yourself
Stop giving your power away, stop listening to others on how to be you, run your business and show up in the world the way that is right for you. Take advice but ultimately check it against your intuition, because we create our realities. What kind are you creating?

I hope these tips and tricks help you as much as they have helped me!

As a little side note and funny insider story, I’ll tell you about my first intuitive experience. I was 8 when I had this entrepreneurial vision, I decided to set up a car wash in my little housing estate. I had 2 employees, my 2 little brothers.
Of course I was told I was too young and didn’t have the ability to make enough pocket money for both myself and my brothers. But my intuition said differently!!! So I picked up a sponge, borrowed a bucket and detergent from the kitchen and set out with my two little brothers in tow. We had a go cart to carry the equipment, which I thought would make us seem older!
We only made 1 car dirtier than when we had started cleaning it and by the end we were cleaning about 4 cars a weekend at £5 a car. Do you know how many sweets that is?!
(If this all sounds dangerous to you, I just want to let you know that my mum and dad kept an eye on us secretly!)

Moral of the story is, pick intuition over fear EVERY time, you can’t afford not too!

I couldn’t agree more Sile!
If you enjoyed this article you can find out more about what Sile does over on her website