5 Steps To Overcome A “No”

Ever heard that word? That heart-aching, dream-crushing, wail-inducing word? {Tweet this!}

Ever been told “No”?

You’re not alone. Sometimes it is short and sharp. Sometimes kind and cringey. Sometimes it comes with a chuckle and shake of the head. Sometimes with a small apology. And sometimes with an incredulous wrinkle of the nose.

But it always feels the same, it always comes with that heart-sinking disappointment. Oh, how easy it is for one person to burst your bubble of positivity. With that tiny, little word. And then comes befuddlement, confusion: “Really? They said no?!”

Or you get all encompassing rage and anger: “How dare they turn me down?!”

Maybe you’re the sort of person that takes it on the chin: “Well, maybe next time…”

However you react, that negative word can really knock you for six if you haven’t prepared yourself for it. And this post isn’t about how to prepare yourself for it because you should never not try for fear of receiving a “no”.

I want to try and convince you that “no” is a good thing. Not for them, but for you. I want you to look at that “no” from a different perspective.

1) Firstly you need to take your emotions out of the equation for one small second. Look at the situation from an outsiders point of view, pretend for one moment that the “no” you have received means nothing to you. It doesn’t effect your business, it doesn’t effect your personal life and it doesn’t effect your emotional, spiritual or financial development.

2) Ask yourself: “How bad is the situation?” Will this send you plummeting into bankruptcy? Will it end you marriage? Will it assign you to an impending doom? Bear in mind, even after these awful life moments you can still pick yourself up and pull your life back together.

3) Now you know how bad the damage is think about how you can fix it. Write down at least 2 things that you can do to get past this problem. Now do them. Do those 2 things, however simple they are. Whether it be sending a few emails, calling on a friend for help or re-writing the entire business plan, you’ll start to feel more positive about the situation when you realise that there is a way around this obstacle.

4) Remember, this problem has been put here to test you. But don’t get annoyed and riled by this, just prove the world wrong! You will never develop or expand as a human being, spiritual entity or business babe if you don’t come up against things that will push you to your limits.

5) Quit resenting. Accept the “no”, give it a full on bear hug. After all, that “no” has probably done you a favour by sending you on a different path to bigger and better things. Once you stop boiling at the thought of the moment you were told “no” you’ll realise just how lucky you were to get that response.

From me to you, I’d like to say: congratulations on your “no”! It is proof that you are reaching new heights and creating new boundaries in that aspect of your life. Keep it up!

If you’ve had a “no” in your lifetime that has (in retrospect) done you a massive favour please share all in the comments or tweet me. How did it help you in the long run?

Here’s to “no”!

Fifi x

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