I Want What She’s Got

Comparison: the business woman’s nemesis! Or is it?

I’m sure that at some point in your life you have been completely consumed by the green eyed monster within you. Oh yes, I’ve certainly been there.

And stepping into the world of business makes for no exception.

Business envy is up there with a lovers jealous rage. It might even be worse because you know you shouldn’t feel angry and envious of someone’s happiness and success. You know you should be happy for them, glad that they are doing well…

But, somehow, you can’t.

And that is cool. You’re human after all.

A massive part of your life experience here on Earth is to feel all of the emotions. The good, the bad and the down right ugly! {Tweet this!}

So today I want to chat a bit about how to embrace your envy and to move through it, past it, to a more harmonious space.

The first thing you’ve got to accept is that you will never have what she’s got. And thank GOD that you won’t, because if you did end up as a clone of her then you would feel super unfulfilled. Who wants to be a second rate version of somebody else?

Not you lady!

You want to be the best version of you, that you can possibly be (and that is unlimitedly amazing!)

Maybe you like the idea of her lifestyle, or the holidays that she goes on, or how polite her children are. You can have all of that, but do it in your way. Everyone has different tastes, different ways of achieving and different skills to offer the world. You need to lean towards yours, not hers.

The second thing you HAVE to remember is that you’re only seeing the highlights reel. If you follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram you are only seeing what she wants you to see. Behind the scenes everything may be falling apart, she could be crying herself to sleep at night or have big money issues. She’s not going to let on to her followers.

Even if her life really is that perfect, remember that she still shits.

Honestly, you are not going to live up to the highlights reel, accept that life isn’t all rainbows and butterflies and that we all have obstacles to contend with and difficulties in our lives. Once you start to realise that she is just as vulnerable as you are, you can let it all go and just live your life without that constant comparison.

And lastly, but definitely not least(ly). Every time you feel that feeling you can make something of it.

Oh, I love a good re-frame!

When that gut-gnawing, heart-haunting feeling emerges you know you’re onto a winner. Every time you feel any negative emotion you are in a position to expand, to understand yourself on a deeper level and to move into a higher level of awareness regarding yourself.

So the next time you feel jealous start to think about why. Question the feeling, welcoming it and ask what you need to learn from it.

Maybe it’s just the universes way of saying: ‘Hey, you can have this too!’

Or maybe it’s a recurring theme in your life that you need to debunk once and for all, untangle and release yourself from it’s claws.

Get your journal and write, write, write. Don’t think too much, just let it pour onto the page. Then re-read, then think, then know.

And finally, thank your green eyed monster for showing you what that was all about.

This feeling may come back again and again, the more you expand, the more your business grows, the more amazing women you will come across. Use them to leverage your your own growth, to make yourself aware that you can still be bigger and better, that your journey is not over.

Never let yourself believe that you are a bad person for getting jealous or comparing yourself. It’s only normal, we all want to be the best right?!

I just want you to know just how important you are, without you the face of the world would be such a different one. Without your existence so many lives would be differed and with your gift so many people would still be looking for answers. You may not know how many people’s lives you affect, but affect them you do.

Shine your light, be that positive change for people. Use your brilliance to reflect that light back to others so they know that they are also special. Be yourself, grow, learn and laugh and know that you are doing good in the world.

Compare yourself as much as you like, get jealous often and make sure you learn something from it! {Tweet this!}

What are your top tips for moving through and past jealously? Please share in the comments below.

Green-eyed with how great you are!

Love Fifi


Photo Credit || Shelia Tostes

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