Intuition Verses Fear

Today I bring to you a guest post from Sile Walsh, Life Coach, Author and heart-centred entrepreneur.
She’s passionate about authentic, fulfilled living and believes deeply in the possibility that each and every one of us can thrive in life!

Fabulous Sile will be sharing her top tips for differentiating between that icky feeling of fear based decision making and what true intuition feels like.

Take it away, Sile!

As intuitive entrepreneurs we know the value of going within and listening. Hell, we live by it, create by it and are nourished by it! But what happens when we can’t tell the difference between fear & intuition…?

What happens when the fear within us quietens the intuitive wisdom?

I will tell you: you stop taking risks, you stop growing, you stop feeling safe, you stop feeling supported. Basically you stop thriving and switch into survival mode. Then you start feeling stuck, inferior and as if you are not enough.

If you feel like this, don’t worry, you are not alone. This usually happens just before a big breakthrough. When we are fear driven or stuck its because we are about to shift gears and we sense it, we know change is occurring and old wounds are triggered. We want to stay safe and change isn’t always safe… unless that is, it’s intuitively driven.

Fear or Intuition Ultimate Check-list

1) Get to the root
Intuition comes from a very secure place within us, a place of deep wisdom and trust. Fear on the other hand comes from, well, a fearful or scared aspect of ourselves.
Ask yourself, is your intuition feeding a buried fear? If so then it’s fear speaking and not your internal wisdom.

2) Feel into it
Intuition is not fearful, it’s not always logical and it defiantly doesn’t feel restricting. It feels empowering and freeing especially when compared to fear which is heavy, restricting and does not empowering you.

3) Double Check
When you are in the mode of receiving intuitive guidance, listening to your deeper wisdom. Once you have tuned in and received the guidance, take a moment and run it past the traffic light system.
Imagine a traffic light that will react to your decision with either a green, amber or red light. Green means ‘yes’ your decision is probably intuitive driven, red means ‘no’ you decision is probably based on fear, and orange means that you should proceed with caution or investigate further.

Once you have completed the check list you will have a lot more clarity with where you are at. If you are finding you’re in high fear mode use these techniques to shift it from fear to trust.

1) Investigate the fear
Sit with the fear have a conversation with it. Seriously, boil the kettle, make yourself a cuppa and get close to it. Discover what’s driving it and where it comes from. Give it time to be heard and acknowledged it.
Don’t push it away or deny it because it will only have to become bigger to be heard. Now, tell it you are going to support it, but first it needs to trust you and stop trying to lead the way. You are so capable!

2) Build up the trust energy
Look around you and list all the things that are right in your business and life. What you focus on will grow. Focus on HOW RIGHT you have got it all!!! Allow yourself to aknowledge how your amazing inner-wisdom has been so helpful all these years. Bask in that knowing.
Understand things won’t always look how you want them to but they will always be leading you to bigger and better things, especially if you are willing to trust your intuition.

3) Start believing in yourself
Stop giving your power away, stop listening to others on how to be you, run your business and show up in the world the way that is right for you. Take advice but ultimately check it against your intuition, because we create our realities. What kind are you creating?

I hope these tips and tricks help you as much as they have helped me!

As a little side note and funny insider story, I’ll tell you about my first intuitive experience. I was 8 when I had this entrepreneurial vision, I decided to set up a car wash in my little housing estate. I had 2 employees, my 2 little brothers.
Of course I was told I was too young and didn’t have the ability to make enough pocket money for both myself and my brothers. But my intuition said differently!!! So I picked up a sponge, borrowed a bucket and detergent from the kitchen and set out with my two little brothers in tow. We had a go cart to carry the equipment, which I thought would make us seem older!
We only made 1 car dirtier than when we had started cleaning it and by the end we were cleaning about 4 cars a weekend at £5 a car. Do you know how many sweets that is?!
(If this all sounds dangerous to you, I just want to let you know that my mum and dad kept an eye on us secretly!)

Moral of the story is, pick intuition over fear EVERY time, you can’t afford not too!

I couldn’t agree more Sile!
If you enjoyed this article you can find out more about what Sile does over on her website

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