Mercury Retrograde at the Apple Store

The last few weeks I’ve visited the Apple store on three occasions. All because of the most beautifully curved and continuos crack from corner to corner of my iPad. And each visit has been particularly interesting for me.

As I sit at the Genius Bar, I contemplate the disgruntled Apple fans, all there for some unfortunate reason. I chat to various people who tell me that they got their fist mobile in 1993 and all the trials and tribulations of technology of that time. I see husbands and wives teaming up and going in for the kill on poor, stuttering geniuses. And I notice the lack of queuing techniques that are getting some queue-ees rather riled.

I sit there and smugly think to myself: oh Mercury Retrograde, you have got their knickers in a twist, haven’t you…

Now whether astrology is your thing or not you’re still going to get wet if you go outside in the rain without your coat on. I see the planets a bit like the weather, their energy effects us all, sat here on our little planet, and taking precautions to not get battered by their movements can help a lot, especially if you own a business.

I’m not sure if Apple are aware of such a phenomenon, but their employees are definitely feeling the hit.

What is Mercury Retrograde and how does it effect us?

The planet Mercury goes retrograde three times in a year, we are just coming out of the other side of the last one for 2014, it finishes on October the 25th. Phew! When a planet goes retrograde it is purely an illusion that from Earth looks as if the planet is moving in the opposite direction and for some reason when Mercury is doing this moonwalk type thing all sorts of things go awry.

It effects lots of things but the three main ones are:

And people are generally a bit odd at this time. Have you noticed over the last month clients acting strange? Maybe a contract you signed hasn’t gone to plan (Mercury Retrograde is notoriously a bad time to sign contracts)? Or for some reason all of your technology has been on the blink for the last few weeks?

I’ve heard of people missing flights, colleagues going crazy and websites deciding to give up the ghost. It can be a tricky time for entrepreneurs and companies that rely on all of the above areas to function and make a living.

My Genius, Shurla, was run off of her feet whenever she dealt with me, she was exceptionally good at dealing with three grumpy customers at a time. And Apple, if you’re reading this, give her a raise! (Watford Branch, UK 😉

The last visit I made we chatted about how busy it had been, she said that the last month had been incredibly hectic and her and her colleagues couldn’t work out why. I introduced her to the idea of Mercury Retrograde and I saw her eyes widen to the of size of saucers.
“That’s so interesting!” She said, “I’m looking up next years dates and booking it off!”

We laughed, but I couldn’t help wondering why Apple hadn’t picked up on this. Why not bring in some temporary staff at these times of year? Or even just warn their staff that this particular month might be busy? What about a ‘You survived Mercury Retrograde at the Apple Store’ mug or t-shirt as a little bonus?

It’s probably been the same at Virgin who work in travel, technology and communication, triple whammy there! Well, Mr Branson, if you were wondering about these anomalies of profit loss three random times a year, you now have your answer.

Enough about the big boys.

How are you going to prepare yourself for the next Mercury Retrograde? You don’t need to change your travel plans or become a hermit for its entirety but it’s good to be aware that things might not go to plan. Have a back up plan. Take some time to rejuvenate after a particularly tricky client. Don’t work yourself up to yelling at your computer when it doesn’t work. And know that it’ll all be over soon.

For Shurla and her team at the Apple store, these are the 2015 dates to be aware of:

Jan 21st – Feb 11th
May 18th – June 11th
Sept 17th – Oct 9th

And if you find yourself in the Apple Store during any of these dates, go easy on the team!

With love, as always,

Photo credit: Sweetie

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