Business Babe: Kim Eibrink Jansen on Past Lives

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of talking for a whole hour about the topic of past lives, and how they might be effecting us as entrepreneurs in this life time. The lovely Kim, introduced us to the idea that occurrences from our past lives could have been brought through during our soul’s journey and may be causing the issues that we have now.

Are you ready to discover how to get rid of them once and for all?

Settle down with a brew and join us in this magical moment.


Kim Eibrink Jansen, otherwise known as, The Body Whisperer, is an EFT practitioner and a soul worker from Australia. She works with people all over the world, helping them to identify issues from past lives and clear them forever. Yes, seriously, forever!

Enjoy the interview and make the most of the resources below in helping you to remove your blocks.


Free EFT videos and a weekly love letter with more detailed information about past lives.

Kim’s 2015 Tapping Circle – email her directly to claim your spot! [email protected]

A special for next week only – PAST LIFE SESSIONS AT HALF PRICE!

Past Life Oracle Cards, by Doreen Virtue

Shadowscapes Tarot Cards, by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

Wow! I’m totally blown away by this woman. She’s a talented and beautiful soul and I’m so pleased that she joined me for this interview. I hoped you also got a lot from it and don’t miss out on the limited half price offer above. I’ll be booking in to clear the rest of my past life baggage and you should too if you want your soul to soar!

Keep tapping,

Fifi xo

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