Two Rituals For More Magic In Your Life And Business

I’m all about bringing magic into your everyday life and your business. And the quickest way to do that can be summed up in one word.

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Now I’m not talking about getting naked and sacrificing a lamb round a fire. And neither am I talking about the humdrum routine of everyday life. Routine and ritual are different. But you can inject ritual into your routine.

I tend to structure my rituals around the phases of the moon and on writing this I know that there is a Full Moon happening at the end of this week (Friday). The energy of the full moon is the perfect time to RELEASE.

Want to know what I get up to on a Full Moon? And no, I don’t get all hairy and terrorize the neighborhood.

My Full Moon Ritual

Find somewhere calm, quiet and for me: dark.

Take a special journal, some expensive paper; think sensuous, this ritual is about awakening every sense in your body.

Take two big breaths, each time pushing all of the negativity out of your body, imagine black smoke curling out of your mouth with each exhale, and disappearing into the atmosphere.

Put pen to paper and watch the ink blossom as you write out your heart. Anything that you need to let go of, anything that has been weighing you down, anyone you need to forgive, anything you have done that you no longer want to mist up your energy.

Write it, right now, at the moment. With all the emotion that is attached to it, FEEL it.

And then declare to yourself, to your divinity, to the universe that you want to release it.

Remember, this is about cleansing so the elements of water and fire are good tools for this.

Either way, you need to tear that page out of your journal with vigor.

Take that match, the bare flame of your candle and gently touch the paper to its heat.
Watch as all of your overwhelm, sadness, anxieties, and fears start to curl and burn and glow with freedom.

Take two more big breaths and thank your soul, your divine beings, the universe and the luminous Full Moon for allowing this release.

I love that ritual, it makes me feel such a connection with the energies of the planets and the wider universe. My New Moon ritual is just as beautiful, I see it as a time to set my intentions for the coming lunar month. And the intention is so important:

“The world makes way for those who know where they are going,” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Once you make that decision the Universe is on it, it will do its utmost to work with you to make it happen. And that is why the INTENTION of the New Moon is as sacred as the RELEASE of the Full Moon.

My New Moon Ritual

Settle down in your quite and safe space. Light your candles, arrange your crystals.

I relate this ritual to the essences of air and earth. Intentions are like planting a seed, a new thought stream to breathe from.

Take your two big breaths, this time concentrate on the energy filling you up as you breathe in. Imagine white light filling you up until you are glowing, bursting with the energy filling you up as you breathe in. Imagine white light filling you up until you are glowing, bursting with possibility.

Put your hand on your heart and speak to it, ‘Dear heart, what do you want? How can I honor you this month?’ honor you this month?’

Take your beautiful journal (I recommend a separate one for New Moon rituals) and write in heart-speak, create and weave the magical possibilities as you go. Let no ‘ifs, or ‘buts’ hinder your flow and step right out of the box of what you think you want and need for yourself.

What you may have written may make no sense, now it is your time to bring more clarity to it. Create a short list from your ‘heart-speak’, 3-5 concise intentions that fill you up with excitement.

Close your journal and thank your heart and soul, thank your spirit guides and the universe, and thank the New Moon for allowing you these things to enter your life.

There you go, two of my favorite rituals. I don’t do them every month, but it is a special thing to give yourself that space and time to think, decide, release and most of all to FEEL. We spend far too much time as business women being, well, being busy-ness women. Some of us are mothers, lovers, daughters as well as entrepreneurs, and ritual can be a great step towards more self-care, self-love, and self-awareness.

Give them a go, or share your rituals below, where and how you do it. How are you injecting magic into your life and business? Or come and join the conversation over in our brand new online community.

With love, always.

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