Business Babe: Cara Wilde on Connecting to Spirit

Wow! This interview did not disappoint!

Cara Wilde joins me in a discussion about the role of lightworkers in the world, how to connect to our spirit guides for alignment and intuitive guidance and her journey in this entrepreneurial world. During the interview Cara kindly agreed to channel the guides that she works with who call themselves Aurora. The information given was truly inspirational! If you’d like to know more than watch this episode below and prepare to be amazed! 🙂


Cara is an incredibly talented channel, intuitive, and energy worker. She works with lightworkers who want to experience more joy in their lives and supports people in both their professional and personal life by helping them connect to Source.
What’s a lightworker? Check that out here.


Cara will have lots of new projects appearing in our reality over the next year. If you are looking to learn how to channel or want to bring more of this into your lightworker work then get on her list!

Or if you run a business where you would like to make quicker and more inspired decisions then I would love for you to have a look at my latest offering, where I’m looking for beta testers. Are you one of them?!

Thank you so much Cara for joining me for this interview and for bringing through Aurora, nice touch 😉 I can see you doing such amazing things in this world and it makes my heart swell with pride to be able to connect with such women!

Keep your eye in this lady, guys!

I will see you all again next month with an other episode of goodness.

But for now, I’ll love ya and leave ya.

Love Fifi


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