How To Be Creative, In The Most Unlikely Of Ways…

Hi gorgeous one!

Oh, I am pulling you in with that title, but really, it’s not what you think. Even if you are a creative person I want to flip the conventional idea of what that is on it’s head, which is great news for non-creatives!

Well, I say non-creatives, but really there is no such thing! Listen up and I’ll tell you why.

In my work I come across many, many women who are trying to create a life and business that they love, that works for and around them and that gives them a sense of purpose in the world. It’s a real honour, I absolooodeley love working with them!

And I find that these women fall into three categories when it comes to the idea of creativity.

Number 1: The ‘I-Don’t-Knower’s’

The ‘I-Don’t-Knower’s’ revert to this turn of phrase to deflect the question, to move away from the truth that they DO know, but what they know scares the bejeezus outta them! So they’d rather pretend that they didn’t know, less responsibility that way…

 Number 2: The Dreamers Not Doers

These ladies are brilliant at conjuring up a vision, dreaming up the most amazing ideas for them and their lives, and they are also pretty good at not thinking they can have it. Much of their time will be spent on putting up blocks to protect themselves from these scary and out of the box notions.

Number 3: The ‘That-Looks-Great-But-Not-For-Me-er’s’

Oh, these ladies drive me nuts! Haha! Only because OF COURSE it’s for them! But instead the ‘I’m not worthy’ train of thought pops up and interferes with their ability to be big in the world.

And of course we all encompass all three of these traits at some point, we revert to these defence mechanisms to keep us in a place that stops us from creating, stops us from expanding, stops us from being more aware of ourselves.

And this isn’t for you or me any longer. Not with 2015 around the corner: our best year yet!

I’m happy to say that when working with a client I can help them to see these thought bubbles floating above their heads and pop them once and for all. We look inwards and decided that those thoughts are no longer serving them, no longer moving them towards their big vision. And we lay them to rest, making way for truthful and positive manifestation.

So which of the three do you think you fall into? (If none, then GREAT! If I-Don’t-Know then the first one 😉

And what has this got to do with creativity anyhow?

We’ll come back to those three groups of ladies in a moment. Now, we will look at YOUR creativity, how you are effecting the world everyday.

Oh, yes, everyday! And not just everyday but every hour, every minute, every second…

You are creating something at every moment that you are in existence.

Yes, yes, yes! You are THAT powerful! 

Creativity is a natural state, especially for women, we are the sex of creation. And we all know the old saying: Thoughts Become Things. 

And it’s not just some wishy washy positive thinking exercise that the personal development world wants you to buy into. It’s a real fact.

Science tells us that everything is made of the same thing. You, the chair you’re sat on, the floor underneath your feet, the scenery outside your window… It’s all made of matter. And matter is energy, all energy, but just vibrating on different frequencies.

Now, I don’t want to get into too much scientific mumbo-jumbo, and maybe you are aware of this concept already. So let me just make the actual point now…

Every thought, word, action or feeling that you experience, is becoming your reality.

So if you choose to use words like: no, won’t, can’t, shouldn’t, don’t; you are choosing to create the blocks like the business women above.

If you let your thoughts slide into: I’m not enough, I’m stupid, no one cares or listens, who do I think I am? Then you are actively creating these things in your world.

If you repeatedly take actions like: putting yourself last, not eating well, allowing yourself to wear badly fitted clothes, even holding your wee! Then you are unconsciously putting it out into the world that you don’t deserve to be treated well.

And soon that will reflect in your life: people will be rude to you or tell you that your work is a load of shit. You’ll start getting strangely bad luck wherever you go, your car will get hit, you’ll get a big bill in the post. And eventually all of this will amount to ill health, depression etc.

And the hardest thing to do at this point is to accept that you have created this reality yourself, so we choose to use phrases such as: life’s a bitch, the world hates me, why is it always me that these things happen to?! And again you are cementing the victimhood into your very being, your experience will reflect this.

It’s a slippery slope.

But the fucking fantastic news is, it works even better the other way round!

So, once you accept that everything that happens within your reality is a reflection of your own creativity you can CHOOSE to have a positive experience on earth and in this lifetime. And it really does become a fun game.

So your partner tells you that you really shouldn’t post that article because people will think XYZ about you if you are that honest… THAT is a reflection of a thought process you are having in your own subconscious and you can remove it. (There a many techniques but start by journalling about it).

You can choose to think, act and speak differently. You can choose to create in a way that serves you!

Again, I reiterate: THAT IS HOW POWERFUL YOU ARE!!!!!

Let’s go back to our three types of creation blockages and start with number one: I Don’t Know.

I ask my clients to really try to pick up on this wording when they can, to be really conscious of when it comes up and around what. What is it that they would rather not want to know?

And instead of using ‘I don’t know’ use, ‘how can I find out?’ ‘how can I know?’. Opening it up into a question really empowers you, helps you to identify a new pathway to follow, a new possibility and new options. It expands your reality rather than shutting out the future.

Number 2: The Dreamers not Doers. 

Most dreamers are already asking an opening question: How? How can I have that? But the feelings are where we need to be careful here. If you ask how in a despairing way, with anxiety, with a feeling of loss or lack. Then you are right back to the place of I Don’t Know. ‘I don’t know how I can have that’.

Instead you need to be in a place of hope, hope is a feeling of possibility, and you are a being of possibility. So when you ask, how can I have that? and come from hope, hope that you will find the answer, then you are WAY more likely to find that answer!

Number 3: Not For Me-er’s

When ever we have a longing, a desire or a pull towards something we should know that THAT is what we need to move towards. Be careful here, I’m not saying that addiction, or unhealthy relationships that you long for are the right thing to move towards. You need to have a keen sense of what is good for you in the long run, if your desire is driven by the feelings of excitement and joy then that is a big green light, GO FOR IT! But if your desires are driven by anxiety or fear of missing out then that is a big red light. Stop. Centre. Ask yourself: is this good for me? Am I honouring myself in this decision?

But with all three of these you have to always keep in mind that you are constantly in the creation process. You are all creatives, you don’t need a paint brush or pen to create art, your life IS art. You are a masterpiece and your life is the picture you are painting through your thoughts, feelings, actions and words.

So pay attention, pour the love into what you do, what you say and how you say it. Choose what works best for you, choose what honours yourself. Understand that you are in control of your destiny and your everyday choices add up to the bigger picture. The big masterpiece!

Go forth a create!

With love and light,

Fifi Scarlett


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