The Only Article You Need To Read To Kickstart Your 2015

2015, the whirlwind year.

I’m writing this on the plane back from Copenhagen, it’s the fifth day of the New Year and I’ve been wining and dining myself in Denmark, seeing in 2015 in style. It’s been great but it hasn’t been as spiritual as I’d hoped.

I feel off kilter, not having sat with myself and made the decisions of what I want to achieve yet. I feel as if I haven’t made the most of the first few days of this year. But this is a silly pressure to put on myself, and if you’re doing the same then this is the only blog post you need to read about kick starting your 2015.

I implore you to AVOID all articles about ‘getting back in shape’ (what is ‘in shape’ anyways?!) Remove all talk of ‘new year, new you’ bollocks from your reality and concentrate on how you want to feel right NOW.

Here’s the concept that I’ve wanted to talk about for sometime. It kept coming up time and time again with my clients. It’s a crazy concept when you first hear it but I’ll explain.

Here it is: there is no past, there is no future, there is only NOW.

Okay, hear me out.

Either you are feeling super psyched for 2015: THIS is the year that our business will take off, THIS is the year that your life changes for the better. 2014 was a yawnfest/shitstorm/{enter description of choice here}…

You feel nervous, scared; 2015 hasn’t gotten off to a great start. You wonder whether that long list of goals will be met or if you’ll replay that old story of not hitting your targets and looking like a lemon. Maybe you haven’t even written the list because if you write it down then the pressure is on!

Either way we have anxiety written all over both of these reactions. And anxiety won’t manifest you a year full of abundance, joy, freedom and fun. No, anxiety of the past recurring, or the future being naff, will only serve you up a large dose of more anxiety and the things which you are worrying about the most!

So what’s this concept I’m talking about? How can there be no future, no past?! What is history, if not the past?

The past is a collective conscious thought that everyone on Earth holds. It’s a collection of memories or learning that knit together into one global history. Some of it is written in books, some of it passed down in stories from generation to generation and most of it completely forgotten.

Your memory of 2014 is just that: a memory, an emotion. It isn’t something you are experiencing fully, it isn’t something that you can touch, taste smell or manipulate. The only way you can manipulate the past is by changing your perspective of it or your emotions around it.

And same goes for the future. Yes, you have more control over that, you can do things NOW in order to lead you towards your desired future (and I thoroughly recommend that – no sitting on your arse this year!). But you cannot predict it or manipulate it in the way that we all hope to, to make it perfect.

Constantly worrying about the future will not manifest the one that you have written down on that intentions list. You have to let go of the outcome, trust that all will work out.

‘Everything will be okay in the end, if it’s not okay, it’s not the end’ – John Lennon

So if there is no future and no past, what should we be concentrating on?

I for one, don’t completely ignore my past or my future. I love a good reminisce with friends:
‘Do you remember the time…?’
And I absolutely LOVE weaving the magic of the future, coming up with crazy plans and then seeing if I can achieve them. And 2015 will be no exception once I get around to writing my intentions down.

But the key here is to enjoy these things but remain grounded, pull ourselves back into the present, enjoy every nuance of the now, make it fun!
If you’re not having fun in your NOW then you won’t be having fun in your past or your future.

All we have is NOW. So let’s make the most of it!
Right now, today, how do you want to experience the world. How do you want to feel about yourself, your life, the people around you?

What feels good?
Write it down!
Do it. NOW!

And keep doing it, go with the motions, enjoy life how you want to. If you want a full English for breakfast one day, have one. If you want yoghurt and granola another day, eat it!
Simple choices that make your everyday fun, interesting, wonderful.

And then the trick is to bring that magic into your future. To align to it fully, understand the why behind the wants.

If you’d love to discover this in more depth then I can help, I’m a master of waving my magic wand and giving you clarity as to your why.

It’s all well and good chipping away at your dreams, but wouldn’t you rather it be easy? Wouldn’t you rather live in your now with ease and joy?

And KNOW, from a place deep within that it’s BOUND to fall into place. The whole list of intentions is sure to be yours if your truly need and desire it.

Well I can give you the gift of KNOWING. The clarity that will serve up that impossible dream is only a click away. Join me.

Practise your anti-routine of NOW. Enjoy the pleasure that the human experience has to offer and explore every whim that pops into your head. Bubble bath? Horse ride? Cut the grass? Sit on a swing? Read that book?

Make time for yourself NOW! And watch your life and business flourish.

Enjoy your NOW, enjoy your whirlwind year!
Love Fifi

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