Here To Simply Be

Short and sweet today: a ‘download’ I had whilst sat on a train watching the landscape pass by…

You are not here to ‘do’ anything. You are not even here to ‘learn’ anything. Although both of these are part of the process of life.
No, you are here to simply ‘be’.

Each baby, when born, is described as perfect, a gift, a miracle. That baby brings with it into the world so much joy, so much love and so much awe.
It will teach its parents and family so much about themselves, and create change.

I ask you this: what has changed between now and then for you?

It is simply one thing, your relationship with yourself.

Conditioning, experience and beliefs have effected your view of yourself. Instead of unselfconsciously expressing yourself through ‘being’ you now try to express yourself through ‘learning’ or ‘doing’.
You create hoops to jump through, limiting beliefs to work against, reasons and excuses to squash your light, joy and love.

It’s starts as soon as we become conscious. We also become self-conscious.
It might show up in how you feel about your body, maybe in how you handle your career or business and most of all in the way you interact with people, your relationships.

Because you believe, that people believe things about you. You believe that you need to do, say or be something to earn their respect, to manipulate their beliefs of you.
Well you don’t, because firstly, they don’t really care about what you do. And secondly, if you were how you are, people would automatically respect you. Admire you, covet you, adore you!

And then the doing, the learning, the way you go about life is purely about making YOU happy.
How about that for a truthbomb?

Questions? Hit me up in the comments or come and join the conversation. 

Love Fifi

P.S. This message was channeled for, and dedicated to, my dear friend Sophie.

Photo Credit: Robert Couse-Baker

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