Hello you beaut.

I’m Fifi and I believe that magic really can change your life.

Let me explain.

I’m a Harry Potter fan, yep, I grew up with this incredible story playing a huge role in my life. My passions were fantasy books, worlds where magic was REAL, where stones stored power, where dragons were used as the main mode of transport and where there was always a hero or heroine. A chosen one.

This young man or woman would have to battle evil, command a deep knowledge of the secrets of the universe and use magic to overcome the end of the world.

It played out the same in every. single. book.

They always won the war, redeemed humankind, brought the world together in community and balance.

Once I had read every magical, fantastical book going, I moved on to writing my own. Weaving plots, moulding characters, building worlds and races, and reasons for hatred, despair; and then reasons for loyalty, courage and epic battles where the good guy always won. It was what I’d call: tremendous fun! Escapism.

Little did I know at the time that this was the best and most acceptable way for me to express my magic. Because we are all magical beings; spiritual beings experiencing this physical reality.

And reading and writing fantasy novels was my expression of my magic. 

But Hagrid never knocked down my door and boomed: “You’re a wizard, Fifi!” No, the time never came, no one admitted that I was the chosen one and fantasy became a childhood memory. I moved into the world of the grown up, my skirts got shorter (as did my hair), my life got busy, I became ambitious and hungry for a successful life.

The books collected dust on my shelf. Occasionally I’d pull one down and indulge in a weekend of the same escapism, but eventually the big, bad ‘real’ world loomed over the sparkle and magic of those moments and I moved into a grim depression and desperation to be something MORE than I was.

But I was already MORE than I could even imagine. 

Let me tell you the secret that changed it all….

I am the chosen one.

And so are you.

Chosen to do something specific, something important, something that feels RIGHT, feels GOOD. Something that stirs up the sediments of your soul. And when stirred, those sediments start to SHINE, GLOW, SPARKLE.

You don’t need Hagrid to knock down your door and tell you that you’re magical. You already know it.

What you need is to have somewhere to express it. This is where I express my magic; your business, or hobby, or career may be where you express yours.

And this blog is just a place to come to get that little nudge when you need it, to see the synchronicities and magic playing out across the universe. To see your truth reflected back to you. the truth that is: YOU ARE POWERFUL.

Magic can change your life, but only if you’ll allow it, embrace it, accept it’s all around you, and within you…

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