How To Choose And ‘Meet’ Your New Cards

Happy Wednesday lovely!

It was a Full Moon last night and I’m feeling all fresh and dandy after my ritual last night. So let’s talk about magic (my favourite topic) and in particular the magic of tarot and oracle cards.

After working with my clients their number one question is: “Wow, I really need to get myself a deck! How on earth do you go about doing that?”

And another question follows once they’ve gone out and chosen one: “But… what do I DO with them?”

Choosing and reading your cards doesn’t have to be difficult so don’t let your head get in the way of this wonderful moment. When I first chose my cards I made it an incredibly long and drawn out affair (post to come on this soon!) and I don’t want you to do the same. Since that first deck I have learnt so much about myself and the cards and how to go about really letting intuition lead me. And that is what I want to talk about today.


There are two ways to go about buying your cards. The first is to actually go to a shop.

Metaphysical and crystal shops are some of my favourite places! When you walk in you notice that the majority of people in there are… NORMAL. And the staff are super friendly and want to talk EVERYTHING spiritual. Most of them hold workshops and classes across so many different types of spiritual techniques and processes; from meditation to crystal healing and they are a fabulous place to meet like-minded people.

If you feel worried at all, go with an equally intrigued friend (I took my sister the first time!) and don’t be afraid to ask questions even if you think they may seem stupid… They are NOT.

Choosing your cards is the really fun bit! Hopefully the shop you find has a good choice, and the only advice I have here is to go with what resonates. Imagery really does resonate differently with different people. If angels are something that you feel drawn to then maybe a pack of angel cards. Or if you prefer magic and witch craft then there will be a deck that leans toward that.

Be very aware of where you eyes lead you, particularly if you have a favourite colour that you keep being drawn to on the shelf. Don’t overthink it! Reach out and pick up the deck that you feel most drawn to, even if it isn’t something you thought you would choose. Remember, you can always buy more decks if you want to!

The other way to choose your deck is online, and this means that you can get sucked into hours of research. It can be fun, but also somewhat of a time-wasting exercise… #justsayin’

I would recommend a site called Aeclectic Tarot which has pretty much all the available decks with some of their imagery for you to view at your leisure. Even now, I’ve just opened that site and I’m being sucked into the beauty of many of the decks! *Quickly closes tab!*

Go through the same process that you would at the shop and go with your gut instinct. Don’t overthink it and you will walk away satisfied.


Now when I went to the shop I intended to buy another pack of tarot cards for this post but I walked out with an angel oracle deck! Just goes to show that sometimes you just have to go with the flow… So I thought it would be really intriguing to do a typical tarot spread with oracle cards and see what came up.

These cards in particular are about connecting to your guides and angels and really starting to listen to their guidance so they could almost represent that connection and guidance. When you first get your cards home and you find some quiet time to ‘meet’ them, I suggest that you DON’T go and read the whole booklet that comes with them first.

Doing so will take blur the lines between intuition and external knowledge taken on. Firstly, remove the cards from the box and set your intention with them. These cards have a lovely little prayer that you say before you begin. Here is my interpretation of that prayer/intention:

Dear Universe, 

I ask that each reading I give with these card brings great joy to myself and to others. Help me to hear, see and feel the messages that you have for me and allow me to connect fully to my inner-wisdom. 

Thank you.

Shuffle your cards as you say these words and then ask the deck to reveal itself….

There are many ways to select the cards, but to make things simple for your first reading you can just pick the top six cards. If you are worried that you won’t have a broad enough selection from the top six then just randomly select them from the deck. Again, I reiterate, don’t over think it!

If it helps then pretend that the cards are blank on the other side, the picture won’t appear until you turn it over, and that way you cannot choose the wrong one! Then lay the cards out in the above spread. This is what each card will tell you:

Card 1 – This position will show you what your deck’s most important characteristic is. Think of it as the deck’s personality, maybe it’s a joker, or a nourisher, or maybe it’s very blunt and to the point.

Card 2 – This position will show you the deck’s strengths. The answer to this will give you an idea of what you should use this deck for, such as business decisions, or for clarity in life choices etc…

Card 3 – This card with show you your deck’s limits. The opposite to strengths, this will show you what NOT to ask your deck. If it isn’t great with love advice, use another one!

Card 4 – This position will show you what your deck wishes to teach you. This is a very interesting one as it will highlight what the deck wants to give you guidance for and in.

Card 5 – This card is the collaboration card, it will describe to you what your working relationship will be like with this deck.

Card 6 – This position will show you what the highest potential of your work together will be.

To interpret your cards let yourself sink into each image, if you are working with oracle cards then you will have more guidance from the words but do not let them dictate the exact message you take away. I will show you how I interpreted this reading so you can really see it in practise.

So what did my deck have to say to me!?

So here it is, the introduction to my new ‘Messages From Your Angels’ deck.

Let’s start with Card 1, my deck’s characteristic.

Isabella – ‘Yes, the timing is right for this new venture. A happy outcome follows your positive expectation.’

As my first Angel Cards I would suggest that this is linked to my connection with the Angels and my commitment to get to know them better. As a character I see the deck as quite sensual and confident, there are certainly echoes of the theme of love and sexuality. The deck is one that helps me to expect the positive in my love life and to use my connection with the Angels as guidance in this area of my life.

Card 2, my deck’s strengths. 

Celeste – ‘A happy move to a new home or place of employment is in the works. This move will usher in positive new energies.’

Although my deck has suggested that it is a sexy and sultry type it also has good life and business advice (what a talented deck!). These themes of moving home and work place is big for me this year and what a blessing to have a deck that will see me through these uncertain times. I will certainly be using this deck to decide on travel plans and what to do with my business. If I concentrate more on the imagery here it looks like I will be visiting some exotic places and again connecting to my femininity and power whilst there.

Card 3, my deck’s limits. 

Omega – ‘Victory! Your desire is coming to fruition. Keep up the good work!’

Now this is NOT a card for you to go and get all worried about. This just highlights what you should not be using this deck for. This card tells me that I shouldn’t ask the deck questions when I am in a place of lack or doubt. It is not a deck to reassure or remind me of my power as it is unbending in it’s faith that I will succeed and wants nothing more to say on the matter. Don’t mess with an angry unicorn.

Card 4, what my deck wants to teach me.

Arielle – ‘New psychic and spiritual experiences are changing the way you experience the world and yourself. Allow your spiritual gifts to open –  through study, prayer and meditation.’

Well, I think that pretty much speaks for itself. Any of you who know me or know of my spiritual journey already know how ‘fast-tracked’ I am! And this is great news as I now have a specific deck that I can rely on to teach me the wisdom that is within. Again, this links back to a connection with the Angels and it excites me a lot! Watch this space!

Card 5, how I will collaborate with my deck.

Shanti – ‘I am the Angel of Peace. I bring you new tranquility, and a smoother road ahead.’

That is a lovely message and one that I teach often. I truly believe in EASE and this deck will help me to integrate this lesson fully so I can then go on and teach others how to do the same. Together this deck and I can figure out how to live and travel the road with ease. Awesome!

Card 6, the highest potential of our work together. 

Adriana – ‘I am leading you towards the answer to you prayers. Please listen to and follow the steps I am communicating through your intuition, thoughts and dreams.’

Yes, this card again is spot on and a wonderful, wonderful message! I am so happy I bought this deck as I am definitely like the children in this card, innocent and willing to learn, to give over trust to my angels and spirit guides and let them lead towards my dreams and life purpose. The journey up into the spiritual realms can be daunting at times and this deck will be the assurance I need that I am going in the right direction, as long as I always choose to trust my intuition.

This spread will gee you lots and lots of information to digest and will really lift your vibration and get you excited to interact more with your deck and your guides. There are many more things to notice which I do not have time to explore in this post (such as the fact that ALL of the cards are female Angels…) and I have utmost faith that you can really listen to your instincts and intuition to hear all of the messages that you deck will have for you.

If you would like to take it further you can always meditate on each card, take time to visit each card and the characters within them to have a discussion about what the meaning of their appearance is. It can be a very beautiful experience.

If you have any questions at all then please comment below, or hop onto the list and join the discussion in the community! I will be doing free weekly readings in there for my tribe so don’t miss out!

And don’t forget to let me know how you get on and what you learn from your cards!

Love Fifi


I’m Going To Be My Own Darn Valentine: The Story Of Self-Devotion

It’s February, but I’ve finally realised what this year is all about for me. It’s come at a time where love becomes the focus of the media and the world, the build up to valentines day. And it’s a theme I want to share with you so you can draw it into your life.

This January I spent a lot of money. And it felt GOOD.

Not often do I spend money and not have a backlash of thoughts about it being a waste or that I’m not being responsible or investing it wisely. But £1500 later none of these thoughts were popping up.

I have been working hard on my money blocks and stories but this was because of another thought that I had playing across my mind.

It’s okay, because I am devoting myself to me.

Lots happened for me in January. One of the big life changes was breaking up with my boyfriend of five years. He was my forever man, my future husband and father of my children-to-be. Or so I thought at the age of 18…

Turns out we were young and naive when we met and love isn’t always the only reason to stay with someone. It was the most easy and beautiful break up, mutual, emotional and from a place of love. And I will share the full story with you soon.

But there was this moment in time in January when I was in total self-turmoil. WTF was I going to do with my life?!

All my hopes, dreams and life goals had included him. And now he wasn’t a factor.

So what would I do? How could I reorganise my life direction, my thoughts and my goals. 

When you have been in a relationship from the age of 16 you never really have a chance to understand who you are. And when I have transformed so much in the last year I haven’t really had time to catch up, realign and accept myself fully.

So that is what 2015 is going to be about. Understanding myself. Treating my self as I want to be treated.

So that chunk of money sat in my bank account waiting to be invested, has been. It might not have gone into the stocks and shares that it was intended for but it has gone into me treating myself as I should be treated.

Act as if and all that jazz. 

I am not going to go chasing after another relationship to validate that I am a good person or that I deserve love. No, I am going to drop all the pretences and love myself this year.

I am devoting myself to the balance of my mind (untangling both blocks from past lives and from childhood), body (embarking on my health in order to raise my physical energy) and spirit (delving into my spiritual practises on a more committed and intense level).

This trinity is sacred to me. And having neglected them and not balancing them I have truly neglected myself. And in the centre of this trinity lies my heart, and now I am willing to listen to it.

No more neglect. It’s time to love me…

I’m going to be my own darn Valentine.

Watch this space and I’ll keep you in the loop 🙂

How are you going to devote yourself to YOU this year?

Love Fifi


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Mind Over Matter

If you follow me on Facebook then you may have seen that I had a bout of illness (like only a day of feeling sorry for myself) after 2 YEARS!

You may be wondering how I have avoided duvet days and snot attacks for so long… Well, that would be one of my biggest manifestations. Although I do get aches and pains – mainly due to my lack of exercise – I never seem to get ill. Which is a far cry from a few years back when I worked in the city, I’d constantly have one virus or another. But one day, I just DECIDED that I was the sort of person that never gets ill. A bit like you may have ‘decided’ that you are a sickly person, or a cold person, or someone who has a slow metabolism…

Belief is a massive part of why I don’t get ill, changing my story is a HUGE part of it.

You know as well as I do that like attracts like. You know all about how positivity can make positive things occur and how a negative outlook on life can draw the very worst things into your life, or send you spiralling into one crappy situation after another.

But there is something else, something much subtler, that is also effecting you everyday. In my post about self-help books I used an example of how conditioning of your environment, your experiences and everything you come into contact with, effects you on a much deeper level then you can imagine.

So all your life you have grown up with a personality that is effected by what others thought of you. For instance, being the youngest of four girls (and the cutest…) I was instantly titled ‘The Spoilt Brat’. The one who got everything she batted her little eyelashes for. I was also ‘The Lazy Bum’, the one who Mum did everything for, the one who couldn’t even put her plate in the dishwasher. I can see their eyes rolling in exasperation even now!

So there you go, Fifi, your personality is dictated for you as spoilt and lazy. And of course a 5 year old starts to live up to the descriptions they are given. I have also been called ‘Skinny’ – funny how I never put on weight! And am forever being bought fluffy pairs of socks because I am a ‘Cold’ person.

But is any of this true?

Whether I have deemed myself it or others have, am I really this person that we all think I am or could I be the girl who always has warm hands and can’t eat a McDonald’s because ‘A moment on the lips is a life time on the hips!’?

I believe not.

And I will tell you why. I am what we call a Mills Girl. This means that I am from a family of women who don’t take shit from men, in fact we keep them on a tight rein, dictate exactly how we want things to be and joke that our partners bollocks are kept in our handbags. We are feisty, fierce, fiery. We are a force to behold!

And that’s before you’ve even gotten on the wrong side of us.

Well, yes, I am loath to say that I did live up to this stereotype for quite a number of years. My poor first boyfriend, he must’ve been utterly terrified! I was a fucking PRINCESS, I got my way every time and didn’t think that this was a bad thing at all.

But, hey, this has been passed down from my Irish-blooded mother! My Mum is adamant that we will never let men walk all over us like her mother did. Women have mouths and brains and can do anything just as well as any man. True, but we can still be nice to them, right?

Anyway, I digress. What I’m trying to say is that I am no longer like this. I am now in a relationship with a man who’s wants, needs and points of views I value. I no longer stamp my feet, I try to see things through his eyes. I no longer put him down, I build him up, I support him. I no longer control every single thing we both do, no I do my own thing, he does his.

I don’t have to be in charge, like I was with previous boyfriends. We’re a team, a totally awesome team! I’ll always stay true to my feminist roots, but I will adapt them to fit with my idea of a harmonious world, thank you very much!

So that means we can change our personality…?


I know you can, it takes time. A lot of tongue biting and mulling things over. But it is doable.

I am no longer a spoilt, lazy brat either, just if you’re wondering. I am a supportive, helpful, compassionate woman (if I can say so myself!)

So all these things that we’ve been told all of our lives, all the things you had taught yourself that you are can be undone. So, if you are cringingly shy, you can learn to be an extrovert. If you a terrible at sport, you can become a medal winning athlete. If you are always living hand to mouth, you can teach yourself to handle money better and maybe even become a millionaire!

Anything is possible, it’s all about the top two inches: your mind, your brain.

And if you are sitting reading this thinking I have got to be talking complete horse shite then take a look at that thought that is coming up in you. Think of the particular thing that will never change about you, ask yourself why? What thoughts or memories come up for you? Are they stories you’ve been told, or are they the truth of who you were when you were a tiny babe?

It’s is a little bit of a mind blowing subject matter. To think you can change who you are and even how your body reacts to things by merely using your mind power! But imagine what you could change about yourself, imagine if you could be the person you had always wanted to be!

What stories have you been told about yourself? Who were you labelled to be as a child and have these labels been carried through to adulthood? Do you think that it’s time to change your story?

Be BRAVE and share your thoughts below, or spread the love by tweeting this out or sharing on Facebook with the social media buttons below. Sharing definitely is caring!

With mind over matter,