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If I could, I would spend many more hours hunting down inspiring women who are doing business the beautiful way. If you think that you fit the bill then I would love you to get in contact.

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What I’m looking for.

I’m looking for more women (and men!) who are embracing spiritual techniques or ways of aligning to their business and soul purpose and then injecting their visions into the world.

You could be a practitioner or healer already in the metaphysical industry, or maybe you’re a coach or mentor that brings these techniques into your work. But your business doesn’t have to be directly involved in spirituality, you could have a story about how soul or energy work has helped you to achieve big things or to simply feel better about your journey.

Whoever you are, whatever you do, if you’ve reached this page then you’re probably meant to get in touch with me.

Hit me up.

hello @ fifiscarlett . com

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Not all interviews will be accepted due to scheduling and integrity on my part. I can, and will, only interview people who I believe will benefit my readers at the time of submission.

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