Safety rules when using the wood planer

Besides the benefits of wood planer in the processing of wooden furniture, fine art products produce beautiful and complete wood products. However, to take advantage of all the features of the product and ensure safety principles when using and preserving the machine is most durable, not everyone knows.

So what are the principles to ensure safety when using wood planer? All will be in the following article. Let’s read and find out.

Install the device properly to avoid splashing material

Splashes of material when applying a wood planer may be caused by an improperly fitted blade. You should pay attention when installing the machine and be sure to install properly so that you do not encounter this situation or other unfortunate incidents. You should run the machine before working and check the operation of safety equipment when operating the machine.

Be careful when using to avoid electric shock

The cause of the electric shock when using a planer may be due to an open circuit in the power cord, an electrical contact to the cabinet or an open circuit breaker or electrical outlet. Therefore, you should check the power cord carefully before use. Besides, you also need to store the wood planer in a dry place so that there is no power leak to the case. In particular, turn off the power when the power goes out or when the job ends

Make sure the wooden surface is free of obstructions

When working the wood planer as well as the best thickness planer entangled with screw heads, the protruding mark on the wooden surface can cause injury to the user. To prevent this from happening, make sure that the surface of the wood you are about to plan is free of any obstructions. If there are obstacles that appear, you pay careful attention when working. You should not be subjective, It can cause unnecessary injuries.

In addition, you should not use gloves when working. Because They are very entangled. And they can stick to the blade at any time. Extremely dangerous. Therefore, you should use ancillary equipment (hand push) to avoid sliding your hands into the device.

Keep the device and workplace clean to avoid fire and explosion

Fire incidents are very dangerous for users and people around them. The cause of this problem can be created by shavings, wood chips producing moisture in the circuit, electrical leakage. In the case of sparks, the resonant with the shavings are easily explosive.

In order not to occur such dangerous incidents as fire and explosion, you need to make sure the circuit is stable, does not get wet or leaks out when using. Make sure the circuit is so you should regularly wipe device, clean workplaces and properly store the device.

Use protective gear to avoid direct contact with wood

Industrial poison enters the human body through the wood contact process of a carpenter. That makes the workers’ health decline rapidly. So how to reduce its impact on user health? If you don’t want this to happen, please make sure to use protective gear for each job. Use protective equipment before working, such as goggles, masks … to protect your health.

Some other notes

  • Read the user manual carefully before using the device, always follow the manufacturers’ requirements: Let’s read the user manual of the product carefully. And do not operate and install at your own risk, which can damage the planer quickly.
  • Avoid standing opposite to the chip exit hole when machining, choose non-toxic wood materials
  • Use the grips to support the planer and the material you want to plan securely and safely, creating user guard, achieving accurate planing.
  • When you turn off the machine, make sure that the blade of the wood planer stops spinning completely before you can place it on the floor or flat surface. To avoid the case of placing the device on the floor immediately in the state of an operating blade that may endanger you and those around you.
  • When removing the blade for maintenance, honing, if you want to re-install the plan, it must be in place. Make sure to screw the blade of the planer to the maximum.

In conclusion

I have described all the principles to ensure safety when using the best wood planer. I am sure that some of you think it’s simple and doesn’t pay attention or ignore, right? If you have not noticed a bit. It is also the cause of such unexpected accidents.  Finally, Hope the article helps you. And thank you for taking the time to read through this article.

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