What is the construction of the tooth pliers?

Nowadays, it is like a piece of cake for us to find any types of pliers on any stores in the world. It can be seen that the pliers always have good effects and a large influence on human life. Many works in our life need to have the appearance of pliers. For example, if there are no pliers, the electricians and mechanics can not complete well their works. Moreover, ordinary people like us also can not live without the pliers at home. So it can be said that the pliers appear everywhere, every job, and every field in our life. Today I want to share with you special pliers. Those pliers are not used in electricity areas or mechanical areas but this device is used in dentistry. Have you got what is it? Of course, it is the tooth pliers. So let’s learn more detail about the feature and structure of this tool now.


Why do we need to use the tooth pliers?

The question above is also a reason for me to write this article today. When I was a little, I am a child who is very scared of tooth extraction. I think each of us has paid for many tooth extractions as a child. You know that children will have baby teeth and they need to be removed to replace them. In the old days, parents would often pull their children’s teeth out in many different ways. My father also helped me to pull my teeth out by tie it to a small thread and then pull it off. However, nowadays, people have invented the tooth pliers which helps us work quickly and effectively. I think tooth pliers are an effective solution for tooth extraction. Moreover, tooth pliers also have a lot of types with a lot of functions in our life. Not only children but also adults need the tooth pliers to extracted teeth. The tooth pliers are designed with so many different functions to meet the needs of each age from young to old people. Some types of tooth pliers which I want to mention are the tooth pliers for baby teeth and the tooth pliers for adult.

The tooth pliers are one of the basic tools for tooth extraction. To use effectively the tooth pliers, I think only the experienced people can do and work with this device. Especially, the tooth pliers are widely utilized by the dentists.

The construction of the tooth pliers

I think that we need to know detail about the structure of the tooth pliers so we can understand more about this tool. It can be said that each type of device will have a different construction. So now let’s find out more detail about the construction of the tooth pliers here.

It is different from about the structure of the tooth pliers and other types of pliers. Most types of pliers are consist of two main parts but the tooth pliers contain three main parts. They are rolled pliers, joint of pliers and beak of pliers.

The rolled pliers

The rolled pliers are the hand-held part when working which has the right palm size so that we do not slip our hands when using. The rolled pliers also have different types so that we can use for a lot of purposes. There are two main kinds of the rolled pliers including rolling horizontal and rolling on the plane.

  • The rolling horizontal: This rolling is specially designed for the maxillary tooth pliers.
  • The rolling on the plane: people create this rolling to attach it to the lower jaw tooth pliers.

Both types of rolling here are very important to help the tooth pliers perform the best working for us.

The joint of pliers

The joint of pliers also known as pliers neck is the connection between the rolled pliers and beak of pliers. This part is designed to help the tooth pliers avoid clamping on lips during use. Besides, this part also helps the rolled pliers and beak pliers grip and release freely.

Beak of pliers

The beak of pliers is the part that performs the functions of the pliers. It functions as a tight grip on the neck of the tooth and takes out the tooth. The beak of pliers has two main types which are symmetric mines and asymmetric mines. The first one can be used for both the right and left sides of the teeth. In contrast, The asymmetric mines are only used for one side of the teeth.

In conclusion

I must say that tooth pliers have a lot of advantages in our life ,especially in the dental field. My advice is that no matter what work is, you should have good pliers and the best pliers set.

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