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It’s time to marry your magic with your business.

Hey there! I’m Fifi Scarlett,

I specialise in getting feisty female entrepreneurs back to their happy place. Abraham Hicks calls it the vortex, some the causal plane, and others, the matrix… but let’s stay real, stay magically grounded about this whole thing. Let’s admit that you’re the most powerful, sparkling, superhuman person in your reality. Yep.

So, you’re the one who gets to choose what you want. Great huh?!

Now that lesson number one is outta the way, how do I really come into this? So you’re some crazily empowered, can-do-anything, force-of-nature of a woman. But do you really, truly KNOW that?

I’m super good at tapping into your higher-self, spirit guides, angels of awesomeness and giving them voice. Just you, me, some tools of my trade and god-force. Yeah, that little thing called god-force, yeah, we’ll be just, ya know, tapping into that and injecting it into your biz… Helping you truly, deeply, madly, KNOW how magical and powerful you are.

Because your business without your magic won’t make any dents in this universe.

You know you’re here for a reason, you know you’ve got a big, fun, exciting job to do. And you won’t get it done in this lifetime if you don’t pay attention. And when I say pay attention, I mean not getting caught up in all the hype, all the craziness that society thinks is ‘normal’. None of us are normal, none of us are the same. So living out a dull, monotonous, copy-and-pasted life won’t help you on your way towards fulfilment, or even contentment.

So let’s pay attention to the magic around us, let’s raise the roof of this little planet by raising our good vibes. Let me enchant you into the better version of yourself by tapping into the amazingly gorgeous and beautiful universal energies that are in this world and within you.

Sound good?

I’m currently ripping up the rule book of business and recreating ALL my offerings!

I cannot WAIT to reveal them, but in the mean time you’ll just have to get yo’self on the list ready for when I unleash them into world. Or spend some time mooching around my inter-web home and learning some big universal truths.

OR… if you’re REALLY keen (I like that!) then email me and let’s chat about working together!

Client ‘Love-ups’!

“I’m a curious skeptic but couldn’t resist working with Fifi when I saw they wonderful reactions she was getting. I can see why! I gave Fifi very little info to go on – sorry – however her reading gave me such clear direction and insight, and really calmed my own ‘self battle’ I’d been having with my intuition. THANK YOU so much, you’ll definitely be seeing me again!”

Ruth Ridgeway –  The Lifestyle Designers Club


“Our call – it’s been incredible for me. It really, really has. It’s made such a difference to me, especially now that I’ve printed the cards out and have them on my inspiration wall, as anytime I feel like I’m wavering I just look over to them and instantly start feeling better and more focused, like I can cope and just get on with stuff.”

Rachel Shillcock – Rachilli


“Working with Fifi was amazing. I was in a constant state of “analysis paralysis” thinking that everything I did was not the right thing. Our reading together gave me a new level of clarity and understanding. I know feel a complete sense peace in my business – knowing that all I do is inspired action. Fifi’s intuitive nature combined with her lovely spirit made for the most positive experience I could have ever hoped for.”

Christina Vanvuren


“You’re not really exchanging time for money here. You’re giving so much more than that and the fact that I gained so much insight and direction and basically got EVERYTHING and more that I was hoping for AND it didn’t take hours of my time!!? It was amazing – far and away more than I was expecting. I was hoping for insight but didn’t expect to find such clear direction for real action to move my business forward”

Rachel Walder – Racey’s Thai Cooking

Why thanks lovely ladies!

Wanna get to know me first? Come on over to my community to meet me and my magical business babes!